Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a type of psychotherapy used to treat many types of mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues. The mental health professional works with the patient or client on a one-to-one basis to help increase function and well-being of the client.

Couple & Marriage Therapy

Couple’s therapy focuses on helping couples work through relationship issues pertaining to the past and recurring conflicts, feelings of disconnection, an affair, issues related to sex, or difficulties due to external stressors. Couples aim to build long-lasting skills to approach conflicts, understand and interpret each other’s emotions and perspectives, create positive and effective flow of communication, increase trust, enhance intimacy, and strengthen overall relationship.

Group Therapy

Group therapy involves one or more mental health practitioners who deliver psychotherapy to several individuals in each session. The nature of group therapy allows you to share problems or concerns to gain better understanding of your own situation from and with others.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is used to address specific issues or challenges affecting the health and functioning of a family (including parents and children, partners, grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, and caregivers). In sessions, family members improve the interactions and communication amongst each other, better understand each other, support one another, and gain skills to work through difficult situations and conflicts.

Sex Positive and LGBTQIA+ Affirming

Sex positivity embraces the diversity of sexual expression. Providing safe space to develop a positive relationship with your body and body image, explore your fantasies, help set healthy sexual boundaries with yourself and others, accepting yourself and identity, addressing unhealthy sexual patterns, and other related concerns.

Holistic Approach

Holistic approach considers your mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing. It promotes relaxation, helps with developing coping skills, encourages a healthy diet and proper exercise, and connection to your spirituality practice.

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